Singapore Funeral Services

The Journey Beyond

This marks the start of a new journey.

A journey that will be blessed and be blessed.

We will guide you step by step the details, process and documentation.

We provide both at the parlour and void deck service.

We provide services to buddhism, taoist, christianity and free thinker.

our caring service

While we do multi religion, we also understand the needs for specific religion.

That is why, we have a team of professional to cater to your specific need.

our essential service

We provide the following essential services:

Casket, Encoffining & Embalming Service

Preparation of Memorial Ceremony

Coordination of Memorial Ceremony

Funeral Procession Service

While the above essential services are for most religion, we can customize the services to specific religion as well.

the essentials

  • Portable toilet
  • Admin / Paperwork
  • Chanting service
  • Coffee maker
  • Backdrop setup
  • Tablet positioning

3 Days Package

  • everything from the essentials
  • Venue selection and advice
  • Coordination
  • Floral arrangement
  • For catholic
  • For free thinker
  • From $5888

5 Days Package

  • everything from essentials & 3 days
  • For teochew dialect
  • For hokkien dialect
  • For cantonese dialect
  • For soka dialect
  • From $9888

For customized setup, please contact our funeral director at +65 9763 3952