About Us

Memories Are Meant to be kept

Fu Xiang Funeral has come a long way preserving memories and legacies for families. Establish in 2015, Fu Xiang Funeral founder, Chan is no stranger to helping families to go the last mile. In fact, he has a story to why he is passionate about helping families preserving memories and legacies.

It all started in 2001 where Chan’s grandma passed on. They engage a funeral service company to take care of everything.

Initially everything was going fine, until they requested for certain thing. It was then that they knew the service rendered is below average. 

What makes matter worst is that they need to do it the second time. This not only cause the already emotionally stress family but the time too.

That is why Fu Xiang Funeral is born, with a purpose to deliver exceptional service to the deceased family. 

Because of the experience, Fu Xiang Funeral bring the love into helping families by

  1. Releasing the deceased suffering and bless the their family.
  2. Families can rest assured that after the ritual, there will be no misfortune that will befall on them.
  3. The deceased will be reunited and in happiness as they are release from mortal suffering. 

With that, we look forward in preserving memories and walking the last miles with your love one.

Founder, Fu Xiang Funeral Services LLP


Helping families to preserve memories and legacies.


A helping hand to walk the last mile together with you.